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As digital transactions using UPI soar, this video explains how to make sure that customers stay secure while enjoying the convenience of UPI payments.   
Single-use plastic not only harms the environment but also us humans! Little sustainable swaps matter a lot! Don't you agree? Check out the Avatar of Pankaj. This video was created to mark Green Action Week.
#Hypertension is one of those conditions that can be fatal when left untreated. But on the other hand, finding it & fixing it is also easy.
We encourage everyone to take simple yet powerful steps towards sustainability by carrying their own cloth bags and water bottles. By reducing our reliance on single-use plastics, we can significantly reduce plastic pollution and protect our planet. #SustainableFuture
#Sustainability starts with small steps. Actions like using a bucket and cloth to clean our cars and opting for #SustainableTransportation options like cycling or walking short distances can go a long way. We can make a difference by being mindful of our habits.
By repairing or upgrading our electronics, like laptops, instead of buying new, we can reduce e-waste and conserve resources. Additionally, taking the plug off the socket when not in use can help save electricity.  Let's make conscious choices and practice #sustainable living.
Plastic waste is a major threat to our planet. And it only takes small changes to help reduce this waste - switching to ink pens instead of disposable plastic pens, for example.  Let us make such small yet effective changes in our daily life to #ProtectOurPlanet.
A simple act like running your washing machine on a full load and drying clothes outside in the sun can save electricity and conserve those resources used for producing electricity.
Small actions can make a big difference. By reducing water waste, we can conserve this precious resource and contribute to a healthier planet. From turning off the tap while brushing our teeth to fixing leaky faucets, every action counts. #SustainableLifestyle
This #WorldHealthDay2023, a message about why front of pack labels can save lives.