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Solar Demo

Fri, 28/04/2017 - 13:12

Date and Time: 10/03/2017, 10: AM to 2 PM

Organizer: Federation of Consumer Organizations of Tamil Nadu (FEDCOT)

Location: Pondicherry

Description: FEDCOT organized a solar demo in Pondicherry on March 10th for which ECC Cuddalore was invited. Consumer groups and local consumers participated in the event which demonstrated about the advantages of solar. It was a half day event where solar experts and entrepreneurs spoke about the use of solar energy and its advantages. The idea was basically to make consumers particularly domestic consumers to know the various benefits of solar and how they can become energy independent by generating electricity on their own. At the end of the demo few curious consumers enquired about the methods of installation of solar panel and how exactly they can save energy by paying less. This led to an interactive discussion among the participants who left the room enlightened. 

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