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National Energy Conservation Day 2023


Anthropogenic alteration of natural lighting by unwanted & excessive artificial illuminations is known as light pollution. It contributes to our increasing carbon footprint and upsets the ecological balance. From this Energy Conservation Day, let us make smarter lighting choices in our homes & neighbourhoods, reduce light pollution & our electricity bills.

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Greenwashing : Part 2

In the previous edition of this article, we explored the concept of greenwashing, looking at  consumer impact in particular. This will  explore some of the tangible steps like formulating frameworks to protect consumers from greenwashing strategies, and how countries can tackle  this issue at a global level. We will also look at how Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is evolving to meet these new found challenges. 

Webinar on Electricity Sector Competition


Competition in power markets enhances efficiency in the sector, while bringing in additional finance and capital to strengthen the sector. Consumers are provided with greater choices in service providers and business models such as Opex and open access as per their energy requirements, load patterns and economic and financial considerations.

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Webinar on Just Transition in the Electricity Sector in India

With increasing demand for electricity in urban and rural areas, impending shortages in electricity supply due to unavailability of coal and increasing penetration of renewable energy in India, it is imperative to ensure a Just Transition for electricity consumers.

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Intersectionality of Competition Law and the Electricity Sector in India

Watch our panel of eminent speakers in a discussion around the existing electricity regulations and the several challenges to competition and consumer choice.


1. Mukund Unny - Advocate - Currently practicing at Supreme Court

2. Prashanth Sabeshan - Partner at AZB & Partners, Bangalore 

3. Mr. Ramani (Retired) - CEO of Energy Space and Windia Green Power Pvt. Ltd.

4. K. Vishnu Mohan Rao - Senior Researcher, CAG

Current News: Volume VI, Issue 6, June 2021


  • Assessing TANGEDCO’s Compliance to Distribution Standards of Performance (DSOP): An Analysis of RTI Data for the Year 2016 (Part - 13)
  • Disruptions likely as EB plans 10-day State-wide maintenance work.
  • Power consumption grows 12.6% in first week of june.
  • U.S. solar capacity passes 100 gigawatts after strong first quarter, but Covid challenges persist
  • Consumer Focus - Electricity Ombudsman Order 
  • ECC Voice - Success story

Plus Publications/Regulations: