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Road Safety - Crossing roads



This is an incident from when I was a child, but the memory is so horrific that I still remember the details. On that day, my father was in a hurry to drop me and my brother off at school. A traffic light near my school in Alwarpet was not working that day. We were travelling straight when a  Maruti 800, that was probably speeding, suddenly appeared from our left. Everything happened in the fraction of a second. The Maruti hit us, and all 3 of us fell down. My knees hit the road. I looked up and saw my brother getting up a little distance away. My father, who had a deep cut on his wrist, came to help me stand up, asking me if I was injured. Though my brother and I escaped with minor scratches, the memory of that accident is one I’ll never forget. The difference between a small accident and a large one is only how lucky you are that day! It seems we were lucky to escape like we did, but we know that road accidents exactly like this have caused serious injuries in other road users. Please be careful. Obey traffic rules and ride cautiously.

Road Safety - Road Crossing

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