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Road Safety - Crossing the roads


This happened a few years ago. I had had a fever all day and had barely eaten. I had to go out for some reason even though I was feeling quite weak and ill. I was attempting to cross the road and was halfway across, when I saw a bike approaching me at some speed. I couldn’t immediately react - I first moved forward, then back - not sure what to do to get out of their way. The bike hit me with such force that I was thrown some 2 metres off, my body hitting the road with a thud. I was screaming in pain. My shoes and jeans were torn, I was bleeding from the leg and I couldn’t walk properly. People came running to help me and I heard somebody say that the three bikers (they had been triple-riding) had received serious head injuries.

I wish our roads were safer for pedestrians - that we had safer crossing spaces and proper pavements to walk on. That just hitting a pedestrian could cause so much damage to bike riders was also a lesson I learnt that day.


Road Safety - Road Crossing


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