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Road Safety - Motorbike skidding


In August 2020, just after the lock down was lifted I was travelling on my bike at around 6’o clock in the morning. A water tanker lorry had just passed ahead of me, leaking water. Oblivious to the water present on the road I was travelling at 40 kmph.  A car ahead of me braked hard  to avoid hitting a vehicle that stopped abruptly ahead of him. I then applied the brakes on my scooter, lost control, skidded and fell. I was lucky not to have any vehicle behind me or else this could have triggered a chain reaction, possibly hitting me or my bike from behind.  It is normal across Chennai to witness water tankers spilling water on the road as they pass by.

Water tankers are a common sight across Chennai. The law needs to ensure that no water leaks out of these vehicles as they travel. Another lesson I have learnt is to be especially careful on wet roads and allow enough room between me and the vehicle in front of me.  

Road Safety - Motorbike Skidding


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