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Road Safety - School students driving without license


I live pretty close to a major school in Anna Nagar. In pre Covid-19 days, when schools were still up and running, young boys of that school, from 9th std to 12 std, used to ride around on expensive bikes like the Duke R15. Being young, their ability to understand risks and moderate their behavior, is also poor. They speed around, scaring other hapless road users.

Parents who get these bikes for their children must be held responsible. It would be rare to find a kid on a bike who is also wearing helmets. There have been a few fatal road crashes involving children riding bikes. We need to raise awareness among parents that there is a reason why licences are not given to such young riders. Their ability to analyse risk, ride safely and respond quickly is not fully matured yet. Why would you do this to your child?


Road Safety - School Students Driving


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