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Artificial Intelligence

World Consumer Rights Day 2024


As the digital invasion continues, we need robust discussions on keeping consumers safe from misinformation. The ease of availability and scalability of AI (and search engines and Chat Bots that use it), algorithmic bias and content moderation prejudices have all introduced unique challenges to keeping consumers safe. Be an aware and responsible consumer. Don't believe everything you hear; and be especially careful with what you share. #WorldConsumerRightsDay

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Climate-induced displacement: A new normal for India's vulnerable communities

Climate change is uprooting lives and communities in India, leaving behind a trail of destruction that is hard to ignore. The lush terrain that once sustained millions is now turning into barren wastelands, as climate change continues to ravage the country. The scorching heat waves, erratic rainfall patterns, and devastating floods are leaving no stone unturned in upending the lives of millions of people, particularly those in rural areas.

The role of AI in tackling climate change - A double-edged sword

As humanity grapples with the urgent threat of climate change, there is a growing reliance on finding new and innovative solutions to tackle this existential crisis. Among the many available tools at our disposal, perhaps none holds as much promise as artificial intelligence (AI). With its remarkable ability to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions, AI is quickly emerging as a vital tool in the fight against climate change.