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road safety

Getting road safety data from the government is like pulling teeth

How many road crashes take place in India? How many people die or are injured in these crashes? What vehicles were involved? Where did these crashes occur? All this and more information is essential to understanding road safety in the country and to reducing fatalities and injuries. This is self-evident.

Seat belts – there for a reason

July 6, 2017 Benedicta Isaac-Kumar

For too long now, we have been treating the seat belt as if it were a vestigial organ. Confused? A vestigial organ is a rudimentary body part that is not really functional. So high is our disregard for this life saving device, that when our cars have their yearly check over, obliging mechanics neatly tuck away and put under seat covers, this appendage that we’d rather not be dealing with. In most Indian minds, the seat belt is a mere trimming, an optional decoration that is mostly irrelevant.

Was that drink worth it?

May 18, 2017 Benedicta Isaac-Kumar

Image courtesy: European Transport Safety Council

So, you like your beer. Maybe you even like getting drunk. Maybe you think, it’s the one weakness you have; or that you get to be young once – why not be a bit reckless too? Never mind what your idea of reckless is – getting drunk and getting behind the wheel of a car must not be one of them. Here’s why:


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