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Road Safety in Tamil Nadu requires streamlined action - Perspectives from Tirunelveli and Thiruvarur

Reduction of road crashes and fatalities at the state and district levels has been prioritised and   led by a series of steady efforts channelized through institutional changes, data-driven approaches and improved law enforcement in Tamil Nadu since 2017. Therefore, it's crucial to understand the road safety scenario, its progress, success factors and the challenges in implementation at the decentralised district levels to sustain road safety achievements. CAG, in collaboration with Mr.

Sharing Resources and Sustainable Consumption

Sharing Resources and Sustainable Consumption (SRSC) is about protecting the environment and natural resources from environmental degradation, and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Our consumption patterns have changed over the years due to several reasons like scientific and technological innovations, concepts of globalisation, liberalisation and the like. We consume more resources in daily life, in the form of transportation, electricity, appliances/accessories, logistics etc.

Pedestrians set to reclaim the streets

Go to any road or street in any of the rush hour Indian metropolises, there is an ubiquitous scene playing on these roads—encroached footpaths forcing pedestrians to walk on the streets. When pedestrians are forced to walk on the streets that are filled with motorists with poor road discipline and lack of awareness that pedestrians have the right of way, it’s a dangerous combination. But what have been the costs of this precarious situation that has been playing out on our roads every single day?