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Right Of Way

Road Safety - Right of Way of Pedestrians


Motor vehicle riders are not the only road users; the humble pedestrian also has equal rights to it. In fact, at designated places such as pedestrian crossings, they have the right of way. Don't be led to believe that the speed and power a motor vehicle affords you, gives you extra rights over the road. It is as much a pedestrian's or a cyclist's as it is yours. #RoadSafety


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Living Dangerously

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups on our roads though walking is most environment-friendly and sustainable mode of transport. Legally, motorists are required to give Right of Way to pedestrians but rarely does a motorist in India do so. CAG spoke a few elderly pedestrians on the travails of walking in India.

Ambulance etiquette

In a crowded country like India, where our senses are constantly assaulted by noises, colours and sights, its streets filled with jostling crowds and impatient vehicles competing for space and struggling to get past, it is no surprise that we have learnt to ignore anything extraneous to our own thoughts, needs and plans for the day.

In a pragmatic society like ours, we accept with little argument that death is inevitable. We all have to die and die of something. We see death and decay all too frequently, maybe chronically numbing our senses, destroying our empathy.