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FoPL - Processed Foods


We're now eating a LOT of processed foods! A recent study in BMC Public Health indicates that the consumption of processed foods (baked goods, snacks prepared commercially, ice cream, and chocolates) contributes to nearly 10 % of Indians' caloric intake! Among Indians, consumption of processed foods is highest in the Southern states. We need nutritional labelling on foods that tell us what is in these foods.

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The truth about trans fat: a short video

Trans fatty acids or trans fat is a type of saturated fatty acid that can either occur naturally or can be manufactured during the process of hydrogenation of vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated to turn them into solid fat at room temperature. This increases their shelf life, and enhances the taste and texture of processed food items. Hydrogenated vegetable fat is a cheap source of oil/fat for branded and local food manufacturing companies.