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Zero Waste City Manual - A Toolkit to Establish City and Community Zero Waste Systems


The vision for the Zero Waste City Initiative is to minimise the movement of solid waste to disposal sites or facilities. This manual presents a practicable plan for municipalities to process waste in-situ and within wards, aggregate recyclables and domestic hazardous waste at the zone level, and leverage the private formal and informal waste networks that already thrive in all Indian cities. 

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Sharing, and sustainable use of resources – the way forward (GAF 2020)

In an attempt to promote sustainability, the concept of reuse/recycle, select women from a chosen community were trained on the making of paper covers using old newspapers/used papers. Two puppet show videos on the topics “Share and care” and “Think Green: Reuse and Recycle” were made to educate a wider population on the importance of sharing of resources and the benefits of reusing and recycling of materials that will go a long way in safe guarding the environment. The videos of the puppet show were launched during the Green Action Week. During the Green Action Week, a webinar was also organised to educate consumers, especially the younger generation, on the concept of sharing and sustainable consumption (the concepts of reuse, repair, recycle, rethink, refuse, reduce) – all the videos were played and the work done by the community women were showcased. 

  • Educate consumers, including the younger generation, on the importance of sharing and sustainable consumption
  • Promote the concept of sharing among students by encouraging them to form a sharing group, collect used clothes and books to be shared
  • Encourage students to share used clothes with the needy and books with other students
  • Conduct competition among students to motivate them to reuse/recycle old clothes. Promote the concept of sharing among members of chosen community

Coal Vs Your Health


According to the report, 'Coal Kills: Health Impacts of Air Pollution from India’s Coal Power Expansion' by Conservation Action Trust (India) and Urban Emissions (India), the #Coal power generation is the major cause of premature mortality and asthma attacks, and is considered as a huge threat to #PublicHealth in India. 

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