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Commitment of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Today to their Primary Calling of Curing Diseases - A Study

The commercialized global pharmaceutical industry today

Indian pharmaceutical companies are becoming unduly profit-centered in the not-for-profit mission of developing vital medical cures and distributing life-saving medicines for all. There had been exposés of deep-rooted corruption in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, extremely high-prices of branded drugs with large fluctuations of prices between company brands has resulted in drugs becoming unaffordable by the Indian majority. 

Current News - Volume III, Issue 6, June 2018


  • How to Choose the Right Adapter for Mobile Phones.
  • Chennai Capable of Creating 1.380 GW Solar Power: Study. 
  • 24 Degree as Default AC Temperature: Centre's Proposal to Save Energy  
  • Consumer Focus - Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum Case (CGRF)
  • ECC Voice - Details on New Electricity Service Connection  (Tamil).

Plus Publications/Cases:
Scaling Rooftop Solar: Powering India's Renewable Energy Transition with Household's and DISCOMs, June 2018.


Electricity Consumer Cells (ECC) Outreach Meeting - Tiruvallur

ECC - Tiruvallur conducted outreach meetings in Sekkadu (March 11, 2018), Gopalpuram (March 24, 2018) and Tiruninravur (April 28, 2018) of Tiruvallur District, to promote ECC among the public. It was organized by Mr. M. Dhanraj (ECC Coordinator), and Mr. Nagarajan (ECC Volunteer). ECC handbills were distributed to the public in the villages of Pattabiram and Tiruninravur to promote and create awareness on ECC. Mr. M. Dhanraj explained the functions and objectives of ECC and described the process of registering electricity complaints.

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Electricity Consumer Cell (ECC) Outreach Meeting - Tirunelveli

ECC - Tirunelveli, in association with Tirunelveli District Consumer Rights Protection Sangam, conducted outreach meetings at North Thalayathu (March 28, 2018) and Keela Natham (April 29, 2018) of Tirunelveli District. The objective of the meeting was to educate consumers on the ECC’s functions, energy governance, and electricity problems.


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Capacity Building Programme on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Cuddalore

The Electricity Consumer Cell (ECC), Cuddalore, organized a capacity building programme on “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” on March 28, 2018, at Velangappatu, Cuddalore district. The purpose of the programme was to build consumer awareness on energy conservation and to educate them about energy-efficient devices and renewable energy concepts at the household level. National Social Service (NSS) club members of the Annamalai University participated in the programme.

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