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Climate Crisis

Media as a catalyst for clean and sustainable power generation

CAG in collaboration with Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women conducted a media workshop titled "Media as a catalyst for clean and sustainable power generation" with a focus on how upcoming journalists can engage more people on the issue of climate change and how to tell the story of the climate crisis and tell it accurately.

St(o)ppwatch - July 2021

The proposed INR 4,000 crore Deep Ocean Mission is a disaster in the making and the government should halt this dangerous step immediately. This edition of St(o)ppwatch brings you news on climate injustice, effects of climate denial and much more!


St(o)ppwatch - April 2021

In this edition, we help you understand the concept of 'net-zero'. And is working towards 'net-zero' going to halt global warming? We also bring you good news from India - the Mahila Housing SEWA Trust is creating women climate leaders. Read through to discover even more!



A recent project helped me gain a brief insight on the climate crisis that communities around us are facing. Until then, like most others, I was partly oblivious and in denial about this serious issue engulfing our earth. The more research I did, the more perturbed I got. I am unable to shake off this gory image of the ‘metaphorical Mother Earth’ in a hot spot. (Pun intended). In my imagination, our earth is literally being set ablaze and I must say that it is not a sight for the sore eyes.