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World Diabetes Day

This Diabetes Day, think inside the box

November 14, World Diabetes Day, provides an opportunity to raise awareness on the metabolic disorder as a global public health issue. The focus of the campaign in 2023 is on delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes and diabetes related complications, with the slogan being “Know your risk, Know your response.”

So, do you know your risk in terms of what you’re consuming?

World Diabetes Day 2022


'Cheap calories' from processed foods is one of the drivers of an Indian #diabetes epidemic among children in #India with a 2021 study finding that 12.3% of Indian children (10-19 years)  were found to be either diabetic or pre-diabetic. The disease cuts across socio-economic boundaries with the easy availability of junk foods. Teaching children to stay away from unhealthy foods is not possible without #warninglabels. #WorldDiabetesDay #FoodLabelSavesLives

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