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Buckled up?

CAG analysed compliance with helmet and seat belt rules in Chennai city and found that since 2017 (when CAG carried out its first compliance study) more two-wheeler riders and car drivers were complying with the law. However, pillion and passenger compliance is non-existent. A perception survey among two-wheeler and car users found that many of them believe they comply with the law when they actually don't and a majority of them agreed that stronger penalties and stricter enforcement of the law would help.


Carbon Accounting - too good to be true.

Since time immemorial, advertisements have misled humanity more often than not. Right from fairness creams which claim to magically transform a dusky complexioned girl into someone who has  flawless fair skin, to carbonated cool drinks which make the person drinking it perform impossible daredevil stunts, most advertisements have tricked the consumers into  believing in the concept of idealism by playing with their emotions. The same strategy holds good to a certain extent when it comes to carbon accounting.