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In the grand theatre of Earth's ever-evolving climate drama, the protagonists are undoubtedly the adaptable ones.  They are expected to be chameleons who skillfully adjust their hues to harmonise with the ever-shifting backdrop.
Few have tried to understand the significance of the free bus travel scheme that a handful of states have introduced. In Tamil Nadu the benefits for women have been definite and palpable, though issues like poor frequency of women-only buses need to be addressed.
November 14, World Diabetes Day, provides an opportunity to raise awareness on the metabolic disorder as a global public health issue.
In the last couple of years, Rapido has become a well-known name in Indian cities. The ride-hailing platform, focussed solely on two-wheelers, has been gaining popularity in cities struggling to deal with congestion.
Modern societies have evolved sophisticated mechanisms to resolve challenges that could potentially disrupt our lifestyles or jeopardise lives.  Of all the challenges that humanity faces (or has faced), climate change is perhaps the most unsettling existen
Chennai receives the majority of its annual rainfall during the monsoon season, from October to December.
The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is the primary document of reference concerning any and all cases related to consumer disputes and conflicts. The Act describes a consumer as  anyone who buys goods or avails services for a consideration (ie, a price).
We all keep hearing that the world is drowning in plastic. Some of us know that it stands true even in the literal sense where our air, land and water are severely polluted and contaminated with macro, micro and nano-plastics.
Over the years, the number of schools, especially private ones, has burgeoned and so have mobility options for the school commute.  This has provided families with the flexibility to choose schools located farther from their homes.