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02/06/2023 - 14:06
The other day, cycling home from work, a two-wheeler came up behind me on the left and honked several times. She then overtook me on the left and as she did, I felt compelled to ask why she had honked.
29/05/2023 - 14:02
இரத்தம், இரத்த நாளங்களில் உடல் முழுவதும் கொண்டு செல்லப்படுகிறது. இதயம் துடிக்கும்போது, ​​இரத்தம், இரத்த நாளங்களுக்குள் செலுத்தப்படுகிறது. அவ்வாறு செல்லும் இரத்தம், இரத்த நாளங்களின் உட்புறச் சுவர்களில் கொடுக்கும் அழுத்தம், இரத்த அழுத்தம் என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.
24/05/2023 - 13:02
The acronym ‘GPT’, popularised by ChatGPT, is a widely used term nowadays in the context of an ‘ask me anything’ invitation - an AI algorithm which can clear bar exams, write your resumes, create music, do your homework, etc.
24/05/2023 - 12:58
How big is your city? Growing up in Chennai, my knowledge and therefore idea of the city extended possibly between school, home, and a few other places I frequented. While this has expanded, I don’t think I realised how big it actually was.
24/05/2023 - 12:10
In the previous blog of this series, we discussed planned obsolescence as a business strategy where products are intentionally designed with a limited lifespan to encourag
22/05/2023 - 11:58
As humanity grapples with the urgent threat of climate change, there is a growing reliance on finding new and innovative solutions to tackle this existential crisis. Among the many available tools at our disposal, perhaps none holds as much promise as artificial intelligence (AI).
18/05/2023 - 11:36
Air pollution is a global problem affecting millions of people’s health and well-being. It is a complex issue that has far-reaching effects on the environment and human health.
04/05/2023 - 11:33
Let’s take a moment to revisit our past, understand our present and look into our future. During my school days, until about 5th standard, my parents used to walk me to school.
25/04/2023 - 11:14
Setting the Context: The year 1860 witnessed the invention of the world’s first solar energy system by French inventor August
13/04/2023 - 15:33
A recent survey  found that 66% of  consumers  prefer to purchase eco-friendly products.